To be sure 


Your guitar is not only an instrument, it's an investment.

Our appraisals will protect your investment by establishing the current market value of your instrument, valuable information for your insurance agent, banker, and most important, for your own piece of mind.                

To be sure!

Our appraisals are independent and objective.

We know your instrument is more than value alone, for many of you it's about emotion.

But with good insurance you might find a new instrument of your dreams.                                         

With our detailed appraisals they sometimes find back your instrument a lot easier when stolen.

The best appraisals are on location, where we can examine your instrument in person.                                       

If you're unable to do this, we offer an online service to appraise your instrument.                                                  

We need all the information you can get about your instrument, like mods, resprays, changed hardware etc.

Please send us at least 10 photos (Max. 20), with a file size bigger than 25MB.                         

Send one of the back, one of the front and eight to eighteen additional photos, details with macro preferred.  

To submit an appraisal via mail, please send us the following:

  • front and back photos
  • detail photos (macro preferred) from serie number, hardware, mods, dings and dongs.
  • Descriptions of any modifications, damage and repairs.
  • payment with credit card, paypal or bank wire.